Delivery/collection in June. (Delays may occur). One of the most popular and invaluable pieces of equipment on the market today is the S28 Airbike! This unique bike provides a wide variety of fitness benefits to individuals of differing abilities challenging even the fittest of athletes! Via the large fan at the front of the bike, the S28 Airbike uses wind resistance. The harder you work, the harder the resistance. A protective cover can be added to the fan, stopping wind generated from the fan blowing in the users face, making it a much more comfortable workout. With a range of on – board programming the S28 Airbike provides several different workout options including high intensity intervals, custom intervals, and targeted distances. The LCD display will keep you motivated as it monitors your Watts, distance, speed, calories burned, time and heart rate. The S28 Airbike is also a great tool for those in post injury rehabilitation programs as it provides a full body, impact free workout. Intensity levels can be personalised therefore allowing the individual to ease back into training.

S28 Airbike

SKU: 10002
  • Specifications

    • Size – 129.3cm (L) – 59.2cm (W) – 122.9cm (H)
    • Weight – 49 kg
    • Colour – Black
    • Display – LCD
    • Material – Steel
    • Power – Self Powered


    • Reinforced pedals and crank
    • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame
    • Solid rubber footings
    • Adjustable seat