About Strength 28

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading suppliers of high performance gym equipment within the UK, Ireland and further afield. It is our mission to provide you the customer with the best possible service so that you too can become the best version of yourself so that not only can you train like an athlete, but feel like an athlete. We will do this by providing ongoing development and updates to our equipment, first class customer service, and, provide relevant information from our team of experienced athletes.

About Strength 28 Equipment

Recently established as a family run business, Strength 28 ltd provides a wide range of high-performance gym equipment throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield. As directors of the company, both Conor and Paul McAtamney have experience in elite level sport playing at the highest standard in Gaelic football. They have spent a great deal of time building their own strength and conditioning levels in local gyms striving to meet their fitness goals. A challenge they have faced when trying to reach their fitness goals is getting access to the top, high performance gym equipment, making it difficult for them to develop their fitness to the next stage. Strength 28 ltd therefore aims to bridge that gap and provide a service so that others of a similar background in fitness can meet their goals and take their performance to the next level.